When I have a cold, there is one thing I always want to do… clear my ears. I know better than to do this, but the urge is overwhelming to hold my nose and blow. Well, that’s what I did today and of course, I got painful pressure in my ear that was causing a painful ear ache.

So, I tried these things for ear pressure relief:

  1. Tried to clear my ears and relieve the ear pressure through conventional yawing, like what I do when scuba diving or flying in an airplane.
  2. Blow warm air into my nose – If I don’t want to take pill to stop the pressure of a head cold, I use a blow dryer and blow warm air up my nose. This quickly clears my sinuses.
  3. Eat hot food.
  4. Eat hot spicy food
  5. Heat a paper towel and put it in a cup, over my ear.

This is what resolved my ear pressure problem:

  • Getting on the treadmill and walking until my head got hot. For me, it took 3/10ths of a mile walking at 3.5 mph before I got ear pressure relief.

If you don’t have a treadmill, get out and walk; it’s good for you and will clear ears and head.


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