A drug dealer who was sitting in his car was approached by a woman who I think was his mother. She screamed and yelled at him. She practically kicked him out of his car. (She did kick the car.) I don’t remember what she was saying but it was something that completely lacked common since. She seemed to come out just to horrass the drug dealer, which by the way didn’t stop his business, and just as quickly as she showed up, she was gone.

Maybe I’m not privy to the entire story in these situations but I was brought up to know why I was getting into trouble. I knew what my punishment was going to be and when it was going to be administered. If these people are dowling out punishment, I doubt the receiver has any idea about what is going on. Is it typical for people to be abusive for no reason at all? Is this how some people live their lives on a daily basis?

Rob Stokes

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