A common complaint I hear from black people is that cops stop and harass them when they are in white neighborhoods. Although I can’t really attest to this, I have seen cop mess with homeless on Lower Greenville for what seems like no reason at all. I think the cops encourage the homeless to move on. This may be at the request of the bunisesses but they could be stopping the homeless for a specific reason. (By the way, the cops only bother the homeless during the week; on weekends, they never pay attention to the homeless.)

To get back to the point of my post here, I’ve seen a couple of cops while on this Serena ride. I know one cop actually saw me in the back of the car, but he didn’t seem to pay attention to me. If I saw a person, white, black or otherwise, sitting in the back of a SUV in my neighboorhood, I’m question it or at least trying to figure out what is going on. I’d also expect that a cop would approach a white guy in the back of a SUV in a predominately black neighborhood to see what’s going on. But I get ignored and they move on; maybe the cops are too lazy, or too scared, to get out of their car.

Rob Stokes

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