Today this woman finds me in the back of the car and decides to have a conversation with me. She is very nice and corgule to me. After about 3 minutes, she asks me for money, I refuse as normal, and she spots a guy across the street and takes off for him. She becomes VERY violent and verbally abusive towards him. She’s talking about him “touching her stuff!” She’s going to “kill him if he touches her stuff!” She is in his face; she is hitting him; she is trying to kick him but she can’t easily walk much less raise a leg.

I don’t know if this guy is her husband, brother, neighbor, or what. The two are dressed totally different. They don’t match as a pair. And their personalities are completely opposite. He just stands there and takes all the abuse she dishes out. He makes no agressive moves towards her and barely bothers to protect himself. It takes about 10 minutes for her to finish and they walk away in different directions.

She comes by my car and talks to me again real briefly, in a very nice tone of voice, and then she wanders off. Both of them are now aimlessly wandering when their paths cross again. And she digs into him again! Same topics; same violence. “I’m going to kill you! Don’t touch my stuff! Something of mine is gone!” And then, they just walk away.

They seemed to fight over nothing!@#$!

Rob Stokes

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