Serena says this next house she’s going into is a crack house. It’s on a street in far south Dallas. She knockes on the door but no one answers. She knocks on the window and sees [many] people sitting around. She begins to bang on the door and it opens. A guy walks out of the house and never even notices that Serena is standing there. She makes her way in and finds her patient.

I am on the street in the car and about two houses down is a guy sitting on his front porch. He notices me but doesn’t bother to acknowledge me nor change his routine. About every 15 minutes, a car drives by and stops in the middle of the road in front of his house, he goes to the car, sticks his head inside for about 45 seconds, then returns to his porch to wait for his next customer.

Man… I wish my web business had this big of demand!

Rob Stokes

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