Today, I dropped Serena off at a patient’s house. I then backedup and parked on the street in the shade beside an empty field. I didn’t notice that there was a car parked in the empty field. Next thing I know, there is a man knocking at my window. He asks, “are you here for business?” I politely replied “no” and went into my song and dance about my wife being a Nurse and I gave the name of patient she was seeing. Immediately his eyes lit up and said “Dad’s been waiting for you all day long! What took you so long?”

After a short conversation and him asking for some money, he informed me that I was in his “business zone.” He asked that I move my car because he can’t see down the street. (I assume he really meant he couldn’t look out for cops down the street.) He offered up a nice spot in the field under some trees. Over the coarse of the next 20 minutes, he had two customers and some relative (I think it was his mother) who came out to the car to have a verbal fight.

Rob Stokes

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