The first day out… In fact, at the first patient’s house, I was surprised to find people just walking around aimlessly. I live in the Lower Greenville area of Dallas where there are a lot of bars. We have quite a few homeless too. When people walk around our house from one location to another, it is usually with intent; they have a destination in mind. Even the homeless have an intent on getting from one place to another if not just to hit up the next person for money.

But down here in 75241, in what I would call a typical suburban neighborhood, people are just walking around aimlessly. In the 45 minutes we were at the first house, I think I saw one guy pass by 3 times. One person walked to the street corner, stood there for about 3 minutes and then headed off down a different direction. Another guy did walk by that seemed to have a destination but he had the “not there’ look at his face; oh, he did come back a short time later.

Rob Stokes

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