Note: This post was current in early 2012.  Google Voice may change over time.

If you make a change on your Sprint account, which is attached to a phone integrated with Google Voice, your phone may stop forwarding calls to Google Voice. Call your phone number from your phone; if you get a non-Google Voice greeting or a “please set up your vmail” greeting, then try to unforward your calls from Google Voice and then re-forward BEFORE REMOVING THE PHONE FROM THE GOOGLE VOICE ACCOUNT with the command:

*38 call
#285128504000 call
Test. If it doesn’t work, move on to removing and adding your phone (or in Sprint & Google Voice’s case, disable and reintegrate your Sprint phone.)

Remove and add your phone to Google Voice. Google Voice should call you for confirmation of your phone.  (I don’t know if this has anything to do with problem but notice if there is there a “Text” message button on the Google Voice web page.)

After adding your phone to Google Voice, WAIT. DON’T TOUCH THE WEB BROWSER. A window will pop-up asking you if you want to Integrate with Sprint. Select “replace Google Voice # with Sprint #”.

The system will try to Integrate Sprint and Google Voice. If you get the message, “Your phone cannot be Integrated,” then call Sprint.

Call Sprint and ask the Sprint representative to see if there are issues with your account. If not, then ask the representative to remove VoiceMail from your Sprint account. Once done, click “Retry” in your web browser and see if the account integrates. (Hope so, that’s as far as I got about Google Voice-Sprint integration troubleshooting.)


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